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Missing something?

Not getting your email alerts when I publish a new article?
Due to an undetected error associated with the conversion of my site to https, anyone who recently signed up for my newsletter service has not been getting their emails. I’m very sorry about this. Anyone who ‘signed up’ since December last year has not really been signed up. My server diligently accepted your subscription request, then promptly dropped it on the floor (but politely gave you a confirmation that you had been added!) As a result, I’ve lost a few months of subscription requests (sadly, there is no way to recover these lost requests).
This error has just been fixed. If you’d like to receive email alerts, and you currently are not, you may now subscribe again. This time your request will not be lost!
Anyone who signed up prior to December 2020 should be receiving their emails just fine. If you are currently receiving email alerts, there is nothing you need to do.


Q: What is this email service?
A: Each time I write a new article, I send a short email to let my readers know of the publication.
Q: Email, that’s old technology, can’t you do better?
A: If you prefer, I have an RSS feed.
Q: I feel uncomfortable giving my name and email address to a blog.
A: I totally understand. I don’t ask for your name (I’m just glad you read my blog; I don’t care who you are!). All you need to provide is an email address. You are an anonymous reader to my email service.
Q: Who else do you give my email address to?
A: Nobody. The email you provide is only used to send out blog posting alerts. I do not rent, sell, or give email addresses to anyone. In accordance with my privacy policy, your email is only used to send notification when I publish a new article. It is not used for any other purpose.
Q: I want off this train?
A: You can unsubscribe at any time using this link. Each email also includes an embedded link to unsubscribe.
Q: How much traffic can I expect from this service?
A: I publish, on average, about one article every week, so email will be the same frequency.
Q: Email and RSS is still too much hassle, what else do you suggest?
A: Three suggestions:
  – You can create a bookmark to this page which contains a list of all the articles I publish, and review it as needed.
  – You can follow me on Twitter, where I announce each new article.
  – I also have a Facebook page.