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After an immense amount of procrastination, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and am redesigning my website. It should be no surprise to anyone, but the World is moving mobile. My old site was yesterday’s future; lovingly hand crafted in HTML using table layout. At long last I’m ditching fixed width table formatting.

The new version I’m rolling out is a responsive design, and as such should be mobile friendly (something my old site suffered with), and look just as beautiful on your smartphone as it does on your tablet and desktop. All the cool kids moved to a responsive system a long time ago. I’m just now catching up.

I’ve converted over the top level pages and will be making the change to the site with the publication of this article.

Once I’ve confirmed there are no glaring issues, I’m going to work my way through the backlog of old articles and start to retro fit these into the new format. This may take a while as there over 300 articles. During this conversion process, as you browse the site, you might see articles using both styles. The content and URLs of every article will remain the same pre– and post– conversion. The only change will be how the articles and graphics flow as they expand and contract to best fit the size of the display they are being rendered on.

Please bear with me during this transition, and if you encounter any glaring issues, do let me know.

One thing that changes with the responsive design is that I no longer have the strip on the right-hand side of the page for the single skyscraper advert I place on each article. I'm experimenting with placing adverts in line using the Google adsense auto product. Here's one below:


Thanks for being a reader of my blog.