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Christmas Cracker

I'm going to finish my blog this year with a fun little mind reading trick. I'm going to read your mind and make a card disappear.

Following the instructions below, push the buttons to shuffle the deck, deal out six cards, then flip them over. Your job is to remember one of the cards. Really concentrate on it. Clear your mind of all thoughts but that card. Then, the cards will be collected, shuffled again, and one will be removed. Magically, your card (if you concentrated hard enough on it), has disappeared!

Click button below to shuffle and deal six cards …


Do it again dad …

OK, it's not the most sophisticated trick in the World, but once you've figured out how it works, it might be fun to try it out on your family. If you need need to reset things, click the button below to try the trick again.

Happy Holidays to all my readers!


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