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Anagrams are puzzles in which the letters in words (and sometimes phrases) are rearranged to make other words. No additional letters can be added, and every letter from the first instance must be used in the second.

A simple example is the word SAUCE which can be re-arranged to make the word CAUSE


There can be more than one solution to an anagram. Here are the six ways that the letters M A T E S can be re-arranged to make English language words.


Multiple words

Anagrams are popular with people who create crosswords. An interesting way to think about them is to imagine making the word or phrase out of Scrabble tiles then scooping all these tiles up and putting them into a bag, shaking the bag, and then pulling out letters to make new words or phrases.

For multiple word examples, here is (one of the many) anagrams it is possible to make from my name:


I’m also HARBERS NICELY, ACNES HORRIBLY, SIR HORNY CABLE and A SHY BORN RELIC (amongst many others). As regards my profession, a DATA SCIENTIST is someone who ATTAINS EDICTS


Below are three tools that will help you to generate and solve anagrams puzzles.

The first of these is a simple anagram solver. To use, input the word you want to find anagrams for in the text field and click solve. If there are any solutions, all of these will be returned on the next page. This is a very quick look up. Only single words will be returned. (The input does not need to be a valid word, simply a collection of letters you want to use to make a single word).

The second tool shows all possible donor words (sub strings) that can be made from the input word. After entering a word and clicking solve, all possible words that can be made using these letters are displayed. This list can be quite long and so you can select a minimum length for a word that will be returned. You can use this tool, in collaboration with the third tool, to create more complex multi-word anagrams. If the word you input is long and/or contains a lot of popular letters, the list of returned words can be quite long.

You can also use this second tool to help you play Scrabble. If you input the letters in your rack, it will tell you all the words it is possible to make with just those letters (ordered by length, with the longest at the top). Nice!

(If you want to see about building off the board, in addition to entering your rack letters, add the letter from the board you wish to try building around and, if possible, it will include words that contain that letter too).

The third tool assists in the creation of multiple word anagrams. This is a complex calculation so, if you give the tool too complicated a problem, it will time out before generating solutions. If this happens, go back and narrow the solution set down by using the filter controls to restrict the solution. As before you can specify the minimum length of the each word in the solution, but you can also specify the maximum number of words allowed in the solution.

As you refine your anagram, you can specify word(s) that must be in every solution, and also you can exclude certain words from the solution. If you want to include or exclude more than one word you can do this by adding the words as a list, separated by spaces.

NOTE – If you exclude a word from the solution e.g. SAUCE then all anagrams of this word will also be excluded from the solution set (So, there will be no solutions with the word CAUSE displayed).

NOTE – As the number of anagrams sentence solutions can be quite long, rather than printing all possible combination of results, the results are grouped. If there is a word in the solution that is an anagram of another word, then all these options will be shown in curly braces. You can pick any of the words from the braces and it will be a valid solution.

Anagram Solver

Single Word Anagrams

Donor Words

Find all possible English language subwords

Minimum Length of word:

Advanced Search

Full anagram multi-word service (slower!)

Min length of word: Max number of words:
Exclude these words:
Must include these words:


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