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April 2015 Can you save money by refuelling when it is colder out?
April 2015 Lissajou curves - pretty pictures from sine waves
April 2015 Rich Boy Learns Anagrams
March 2015 Looking for PINs in PI
March 2015 Simpson's Paradox
March 2015 Gerrymandering
January 2015 What is the optimal shape for a bucket?
January 2015 Consumer Electronics Show 2015
January 2015 Deal or No Deal?
December 2014 Classic 100 Prisoner Escape puzzle
December 2014 Dealer Button Bias
December 2014 How much does a cloud weigh?
December 2014 Prison escape puzzle involving a chessboard and coins
November 2014 Good and bad shuffling algorithms
November 2014 Gray Coded Binary
November 2014 If every iPad was combined into one giant device, what would it look like?
November 2014 Minimizing cross bracing in rectangular grids
October 2014 Red/Black gambling game: Drawing cards from a shuffled deck
October 2014 Langford's sequences - arranging pairs of numbers with distinct gaps
October 2014 If you ultimately win a soccer game, what is the probability you were always ahead?
October 2014 Why are volcanoes and sand dunes shaped the way they are?
September 2014 If you shine a laser through a tray of cubed Jello, how many get bisected?
September 2014 What is the best place to let go of a rope swing to go the furthest?
September 2014 What would combining all the Worlds flags look like?
September 2014 Message in a bottle:Send and receive one time fortune cookies to random people.
September 2014 Lowest Distinct Number auction game
August 2014 Countdown letters game solver
August 2014 Countdown numbers game solver
August 2014 Countdown numbers game. One of the oldest game shows on TV
August 2014 How modern missile guidance systems work
August 2014 Why are cans made the size and shape they are?
July 2014 Why are ice cream cones shaped the way they are?
July 2014 What symbol is scribed on Archimedes' tomb, and why?
July 2014 What is the largest volume cylinder it is possible to carve from a solid sphere?
July 2014 Bad Hash: Random trivia about using the substitution cypher A=1, B=2 …
June 2014 The best way to cut various numbers of circular pie crusts from squares of pastry
June 2014 21 Bite-sized puzzles just hard enough to be solved over a good cup of coffee
June 2014 Confidence levels, sampling, marbles, and Greek urns
May 2014 Greatest Hits - The top ten most read articles on my blog (by year)
May 2014 Why do I blog? How do I blog?
May 2014 Amidakuji - How to shuffle items and run lotteries using just a pen and paper
May 2014 Friday the 13th is more lucky than you think
May 2014 Detecting targets in noisy radar signals
May 2014 Escaping from a pack of angry, laser toting, monsters using a holographic replicator
April 2014 Calculating geometric means in SQL, and why widescreen TV format is 16:9
April 2014 What is the lowest possible score in a game of Jeopardy?
April 2014 Compound Interest: How long does it take to double your money, and just what is 'The rule of 72'?
April 2014 Fuel consumption: Gallons per mile, or miles per gallon?
March 2014 Why are loops on roller coasters shaped like inverted tear-drops?
March 2014 Roller coasters, Moby Dick, Ski-jumps and accurate clocks (Brachistochrones)
March 2014 Counting marathon runners and spying on WWII German tank production
March 2014 Bounding rectangles, convex hulls, bullet holes and video games
February 2014 Can you lose weight by drinking iced water?
February 2014 The fallacy of "The Gambler's Fallacy"
February 2014 Newton and Pepys - A 300 year old probability puzzle
January 2014 How pressure changes with altitude
January 2014 My visit to CES 2014
January 2014 How to escape from a monster in a dark room
January 2014 How to hide from a laser wielding monster using a Corinthian column
December 2013 Mind reading trick - predicting magic symbols
December 2013 Mind reading trick - making cards disappear
December 2013 Pixel scalers. How to rescale bitmap images
December 2013 Why do pipes burst the way they do?
December 2013 The difference between risk and uncertainty
November 2013 I don't want a smartwatch. I want a dumbwatch!
November 2013 Visual Cryptography - Create perfect secret messages you can see with just your eyes
November 2013 How to avoid being turned into monster soup!
November 2013 QR Codes - How do they work, and how much can you damage them and still have them work?
October 2013 De Bruijn Sequences - What does DNA sequencing and guessing passwords have in common?
October 2013 How to escape a monster (using calculus)
September 2013 Privacy is dead. Long live Trust!
September 2013 Is it quicker to walk backwards and forward along a travelator, or to one side?
September 2013 Microsoft, this is what you need to do to save Windows Surface.
August 2013 YubiKey, Dual-factor authentication, and ModHex words
August 2013 How to elegantly rotate images
August 2013 Why good customer service is so important to business success
August 2013 How are best-fit lines calculated?
July 2013 Parity, disk drives, and how credit card numbers work
July 2013 Usain Bolt, the World's fastest man. How does he do it?
July 2013 Exact Percentages, Simplifying Fractions, Prime Factors and Greatest Common Divisors
July 2013 How much do you spend in a lifetime on coffee?
June 2013 TEDx Seattle: Photos, thanks and thoughts from the big day
June 2013 Pulling random silver and gold coins out of treasure chests (and mischievous pixies)
June 2013 My Speaking engagement at TEDx Seattle
June 2013 Selecting a random person (fairly) from an unknown number of applicants
June 2013 The sincerest form of flattery? Impersonated accounts in Twitter
June 2013 Triple A - Words with three letter A's and no other vowels
June 2013 Why do sausages split like they do?
June 2013 Sicherman Dice (and how to cheat at craps!)
May 2013 How hungover can you get? Kids blocks and Calculus!
May 2013 Use all the vowels
May 2013 Turn an asteroid into a steroid with a broken keyboard
April 2013 Solving Snake, the classic video game
April 2013 Old MacDonald had a Perihelion
April 2013 Roman Numeral Lengths
April 2013 A case for recursion
March 2013 Rock, Paper and Scissors
March 2013 l33t speak words (Hex words part 2)
March 2013 You, me, and dead people (Hex words part 1)
March 2013 Hilbert Curves - fractal spacing filling fun
March 2013 Growing words, one letter at a time
February 2013 Inefficient rulers
February 2013 No 'L' quiz
January 2013 Consumer Electronics Show 2013
January 2013 Atomic typos - switching adjacent letters
January 2013 Wheel of Fortune puzzle solver - Win Big!
January 2013 Random or Magic? Can you fool a computer at generating random numbers?
December 2012 Trivial Wheel of Fortune bonus round – how lucky could you get?
December 2012 Are you worth more in dimes, quarters or nickels?
December 2012 How to mathematically select the best wife (or husband, or secretary …)
December 2012 Do you rename your digital photos?
December 2012 Elemental Words – words made entirely from chemical element symbols
November 2012 Fat fingers and atomic typos
November 2012 Discrete Cosine Transforms - How JPGs work, and fun secret images
November 2012 How to share secrets securely (without breaking plates)
November 2012 Where should you stand to answer three phones?
October 2012 Analysis of emoticons used on Twitter
October 2012 Prefixing 'S' to words to make new ones
October 2012 Septic Feline - Twenty word puzzles answered by adding an ‘S’
October 2012 Logic Puzzle - Gunman and colored dots
October 2012 Rats live on no evil star - Palindromes and mirror words
September 2012 Is your password too predictable?
September 2012 Which fits better - A round peg in a square hole, or a square peg in a round hole?
September 2012 Maximum Jeopardy! - What is the highest possible score in Jeopardy?
August 2012 The eight Queens problem
August 2012 “Uncopyrightable” – Distinct letter words
August 2012 Parrondo’s Paradox – Can two ugly parents make a beautiful child?
August 2012 "I had no idea". Ketchup, rockets, memes and pleated cups
July 2012 Wake up Redmond! (An open letter to Steve Balmer)
July 2012 The two eggs interview question
July 2012 Intransitive Dice - How to use math to win free drinks from your friends!
June 2012 Minesweeper First Click: Quality vs. Quantity [GUEST POST]
June 2012 The Golden Gate Bridge is wider at the top than the bottom
June 2012 How long are your shoelaces?
June 2012 Advanced Minesweeper
May 2012 Counterintuitive Conundrums
April 2012 Space - It's mindbogglingly big!
April 2012 Hangman - You've probably been playing it wrong!
March 2012 Benford's Law - Never try to defraud an engineer!
March 2012 CQCQ - Mixedup Morse Code
March 2012 Padlock Puzzle - Databases and words
March 2012 Analysis of Domain Names
March 2012 Steganography – How to secretly hide things
January 2012 State of the Union Address Analytics
January 2012 What is the probability of getting a Yahtzee?
January 2012 O! Say can you see … (Dating-mining the White House Visitor book)
January 2012 Facebook finished 2011 with 791 million accounts
January 2012 A geek plays darts
December 2011 Algorithm for playing Battleships
December 2011 Ukrainian Missile Base Tour
December 2011 Mathematical analysis of the game of Candyland®
November 2011 Mathematical analysis of the game of RISK®
November 2011 Markov Chains, Monte-Carlo and Chutes & Ladders!
October 2011 Daily Deal Deluge
October 2011 Latest WorldWide FaceBook registration statistics
September 2011 LivingSocial and the Whole Foods Coupon
August 2011 Update on Worldwide facebook registrations per country
August 2011 728 million facebook accounts
June 2011 Microsoft, you suck!
May 2011 Price of soda (per gallon)
May 2011 Facebook passes 666 million accounts
May 2011 Why has social gaming become so popular?
April 2011 What is a body worth?
March 2011 National Pi Day
February 2011 Facebook shutdown in Egypt
January 2011 Analyzing sales data using names (Part 3)
January 2011 Data mining using just names. A study of names (Part 2)
January 2011 A rose by any other name. A study of names (Part 1)
December 2010 Generating sparks with recursion
December 2010 FaceBook Year End 2010
December 2010 Spot the connection
December 2010 Demographics of Social Gamers
November 2010 Laptop XOR iPad
November 2010 Facebook Worldwide demographics (Part 2)
November 2010 Facebook Worldwide demographics (Part 1)
November 2010 Smarter Filling
November 2010 All the Single Ladies …
November 2010 Digital Shakespeare (and data cleanliness)
November 2010 Mixed-up Mr. Darcy
October 2010 My trip to Chernobyl, Ukraine
July 2009 My computer plays better Bejeweled than I do
April 2009 A 'practical' use for Genetic Programming
January 2009 Play better poker in just five minutes











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