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Find “x”

The following geometry puzzle has often been described as:

The World's hardest, easy, geometry puzzle

The aim of the puzzle is to determine the angle x. That's it!

At first glance, this appears to be a fairly trivial problem.

You should by able to find a solution using geometry; there is no need to resort to trigonometry (and no cheating by drawing to scale and using a protractor to measure angles! We want an exact answer).

There are various versions of this puzzle floating around with different angles (some also with slightly different triangle setups). I'll not get into a debate about if some versions are 'harder' or 'easier' than others. This is the one I've selected for this article; It's my blog. (If you disagree, start your own blog!)

It is possible to solve this problem using the simple principles taught in High School.

(The diagram is not necessarily to scale).


Give it a go. Did you work out a solution?
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Here is one of the (many) ways that this problem can be solved:
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