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Facebook shutdown in Egypt

You'd have to have been living under a rock not to know that there is a lot going on in Egypt at the moment. As part of the chaos as President Mubarak struggles to stay in power, the majority of the country has been shut-off from the Internet.

Egypt has gone offline. [Update: It's now back!]


The map to the left shows the location of Egypt (officially the Arab Republic of Egypt) for those who are geographically challenged.

It's a transcontinental country covering an area of just over 1 million square kilometers. With a population of just short of 80 million people, it is the most populous country in the Middle East.


Currently there are 5,079,3670 citizens of Egypt who have registered accounts on facebook. Whilst this represents a relatively small percentage of their 79.3 million population (6.40%), the number of facebook accounts in Egypt is growing rapidly. Just a couple of months ago, in November 2010, when I generated this report on Worldwide demographics of facebook, there were 3,951,440 registered accounts, representing 4.98% of the population.

Exactly one year ago, there were just 2,417,480 registered facebook accounts in Egypt, meaning that the number of facebook accounts has more than doubled in the last year.

63.31% of the accounts are registered to men (up slightly from 61.32% last year). Below is a graph showing the demographic breakdown of the accounts. (For details on how to interprest this chart, please refer to this posting.)


Where is the growth in accounts the strongest?

Below are two charts showing the growth of registrations over the last six months. The graph on the left shows the delta for male accounts, and the graph on the right shows the delta for female accounts. Whilst the image above shows that it is the younger people who currently have the largest volume of facebook accounts, these age brackets are not the fastest growing.

Change in male Egyptian accounts in last six months Change in female Egyptian accounts in last six months

For males, the fastest growing segment (in percentage terms), is the 40-49 age bracket. For females, it is the over 60 bracket.


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