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TEDx Seattle


Photo Credit: Jessica Snow  Me, pouring sand 

Last weekend, I had the wonderful experience of giving a TEDX talk.

I encountered a complex amalgam of emotions in the space of a few hours: Pride, Fear, Honor, Excitement, Humbleness, Anxiety, Joy and Relief.

I’m very pleased I did it.

The delta between walking out on-stage, full of nervous energy and excitement, and then walking off to grateful applause and repose was huge.

For an excellent summary of the entire day, and all the talented people I shared the stage with, check out this Haiku Summary of the day.

Photo Credit: Jessica Snow  The Stage 

Here are some awesome pictures from the day:

Photo Credit: Jennifer McKinney  The calm before the storm 

Photo Credit: Jessica Snow  The Stage 

Photo Credit: Jennifer McKinney  A kind audience … 

Photo Credit: Jennifer McKinney  … still a kind audience 


Photo Credit: Nick Berry  It's all in the preparation 

Thanks goes out to so many for their assistance, cooperation, support and training.

In no particular order here are some names (I’ll keep adding names over time as I remember those that I forgot!):

Carly, Marnie, Cathy, Barrie, Ian, Lucy, Zhenya, Chris, Kartik, Christie, Phoenix, Wendy, Hannah, Richard

… and of course to my fellow performers: Brad, Matt, Cheryl, Bernhoft, Kelly, Kyle, Lisa, Zac, Quinton, John, Sara, Roma, Rose, Yoli, Eric, Naomi, Phil, Greg, Brian, Vicki, Matika, Jim.

I’d also like to give thanks to Hong Seon Jang for graciously allowing me to use the image below, one of his creations, in my slides.

Image Credit: Hong Seon Jang  The Digital Forrest 


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