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225 Million iPads

Recently it was announced that Apple passed 225 Million lifetime iPad sales. That's a pretty large number. What would it look like if all these devices were squashed together into one giant device?

Central Park Image: Stew Dean


The dimensions of a late model iPad are approximately 240mm x 190mm (Yeah, I know the new iPad Air is a little narrower, and some of the iPad lifetime sales figures include iPad Minis which are smaller again, but this is a silly calculation before we started, so I'm not that concerned with super accuracy!)

225 Million iPads can be placed flat on the ground and tessellated to make the shape of a giant iPad with 15,000 devices per side. The size of this assemblage would be a creation 2.85 km wide and 3.60 km tall. (For the Metrically challenged that's approximately 1.8 miles wide and 2.25 miles tall).

Imagine if all these devices were magically coalesced into a single giant device. This goliath device would have a screen area of almost four square miles; considerably larger than Central Park in New York.

Map: Google Maps

That's an awful lot of pixels!


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