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For quite a while now, my blog has been accessible over both HTTP and HTTPS.
Today, however, I’ve taken the step of redirecting all inbound http requests to https. All pages will now be transferred exclusively over https. All for your safety! (and Google page rank, possibly).
Hopefully, this should simply happen automagically. I’ve done some, limited, testing, and things seem to be working fine, but if you encounter any issues, please drop me a note.
There is speculation that this might help with scoring some of my pages higher up in Google search results and generate me a little more traffic (Though I’m not sure if I was penalized by offering both variants, though I have read that Google does penalized pure vanilla http only offerings).
My site has never captured or processed any personal information (I’m just happy you come and read what I have say; I don’t care who you are!), so I was slow in adopting the transition to https (The security benefit of https for my situation are small).
I also held out a little longer than I should have because of vanity. Each of my pages hosts a Facebook like/share button, and Facebook treats http and https variants of pages as distinct entities with their own counters. All the historic like counts for my articles (recorded when the pages were dispensed vanilla http), are now lost and I’ll be starting again from scratch with new https counts.
So, why not go back and browse a few of your favo(u)rite past articles, savo(u)r them again, punch the secure https like button, and/or share articles with your friends and family you think they might enjoy reading?
You can find a complete list of all the articles here.
Happy Holidays.