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Privacy Policy

Privacy is important. So is transparency. Here are details of what we collect and how we use it:

Personal Data

To use our site we do not ask for any contact details. Because we do not collect this data, we have none to share with any third parties.

Log Files

When you access our site, the server you connect to collects information provided by your browser. This information includes (but is not limited to): IP address, Browser Type, Date/Time, Referring Page, Operating System, and Screen Resolution.

None of this information is linked to anything that is personally identifiable, and we use this log information to track usage of our site. Log file data is not shared with any third parties.

Google Analytics

Our site uses Google Analytics to track usage patterns, traffic sources, and browsing habits. We use reports generated by this service to make our site better.


Cookies are created and used by our service to assist with analytics and advertisements. Third party advertising vendors may also use cookies to assist with serving adverts. At the current time our exclusive advertising partner is Google Adsense.

As of January 2015, we enabled the Google Display Advertising features to provide better understanding of the demographics and interests of our audience.

If you wish to control, opt-out, or view the settings used by Google, you may visit this link: Google Preference Manager.


Optionally, you can subscribe to our newsletter service here. The email you provide will only be used to contact you when we publish a new article. We will not rent, sell, or use your email address for any other purpose. Newsletters are sent anonymously; we don't even ask for your name, just an email! You can unsubscribe at any time.

[ Last updated: June 2015 ]